» Technical consulting and inspiring development initiatives

» In-service monitoring of refractory products

» Health monitoring and wear analysis of refractory materials in specific thermal processing units, down to separate temperature zones

» Engineering consulting and performance of refractory lining maintenance and overhaul in thermal processing equipment (furnaces, ladles, etc.)

» Market analysis

» Maintenance of databases with applied refractory materials

» Organisation and delivery of training in operation and maintenance of refractory lining servicing equipment, like gunite guns, handling fixtures, rendering machines, and more

» Servicing of refractory lining servicing equipment

Our engineering operations include detailed analysis of manufacturing processes and their impact on the tear and wear of refractory materials, with inspiring development initiatives to improve the service life of refractory lining.

An indispensable component of these operations is a short turnaround time with solutions to customer questions and issues concerning applications of refractory ceramic materials.

Project implementation sectors:

»  Steel and iron
»  Non-ferrous metal engineering
»  Metal founding
»  Lime & cement


Scope of services

» Logistical delivery management » Storage and stocking » Installation and application of materials » Post-operation document package production » Material usage cost analysis
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Installation and application

Installation of refractory lining in electric furnaces and master ladles Installation of roofs in electric furnaces, ladle furnaces, VD chambers, and more
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Customer benefits

Reduced costs of refractory lining Ensured manufacturing continuity
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» Consulting » Cost analysis
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Design engineering of thermal processing equipment

Continuous monitoring of materials Routine health assessment
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